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We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong.
~ Laura Stavoe Harm 

Preparing for an upcoming birth? You came to the right place. Welcome and please explore how I can help!

      The birth of your baby is a life-changing event in which a person finds an inner strength they may not know they possessed. As a professional birth doula, it is my honour to help families feel informed, empowered, confident, and safe as they bring new life into this world. Each birth experience is unique and as your doula I support all types of birth. It is my pleasure and honour to serve families in the Halifax and surrounding areas as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Registered Massage therapist. Read below for testimonials from past clients. 
"Jenny was a huge factor in us having a positive, beautiful birth experience. She helped us feel informed about the birth, she guided me through labouring positions that I'm convinced sped the labour along, and the hands-on support she provided made contractions bearable". ~Katrin M.
"Thanks again for influencing our in such a positive way and making this momma feel strong and confident!"     ~Denise C.
"Even though she was with me for over 14 hours without a rest or a break, she stuck with me through it all and maintained her composure and sense of humour"     ~Jen G.
"Every dad needs a doula. It really took the pressure off me, gave me confidence and a chance to get some rest as well. The massage to my shoulders while my wife was resting was pretty sweet too"     ~Kris K.
"Jenny provided us with next level support during the birth of our daughter. She knew exactly what to say to guide my husband and I towards the best birth experience we could have ever hoped for. When offered interventions, Jenny was there to give us unbiased guidance and unwavering support."    ~ Sheila M.