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What is a Birth Doula?

         Congratulations on your pregnancy and your interest in having a doula supported birth! The benefits to having a doula by your side are significant in achieving a positive and empowering birth experience and I consider it a great honour to be chosen as the doula to support you. 

My care is non-medical in nature. I provide prenatal education by meeting to discuss all aspects of pregnancy and labour and to help you form a customized birth plan. This gives me an understanding of your physical and emotional health history, which can be integral in overcoming obstacles during labour. After two prenatal visits with me, you will feel well prepared, confident, and informed and have a much better understanding of all aspects of birth, labour and breastfeeding, and baby care. This includes strategies of coping, comfort measures with an emphasis on massage, the stages of labour, breastfeeding guidance, information on the signs of labour, and the pros and cons of medical interventions. Having a doula helps you make informed decisions during labour, increases comfort and confidence and can lead to a more positive birth experience.


Too good to be true? Trust the research!


  • 25% Shorter labour

  • 30% Decrease in pain medication

  • 60% Decrease in request for epidurals

  • 50% Decrease in caesarean sections

  • Reduction in negative feelings about the birth process

  • Increased breastfeeding success

  • Increased infant health scores (APGAR)

  • Increased family social adjustment post partum


Other supportive, emotional benefits include:

  • Confidence and freedom to choose whatever birth experience you  Your doula is there to assist in achieving as close to the vision of birth you have been hoping for

  • Prenatal birth planning and practice with effective positions for efficient labour

  • 100% Continuous labour support

  • A confident, helpful partner at your side. Partners are incredible birth supporters when their strengths and abilities are able to shine through. No one in the birthing room knows you better than your partner and with a little encouragement and direction, partners perform amazingly!

  • Post partum follow up for the best possible start to new family life!

If A Doula Were A Drug, It Would Be Unethical Not to Use It

~Dr. John H. Kennell

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